The Draycott Brewing Company was started in May 2015 by Greg. It was in basically a garden shed and quickly moved to the current location in Dale Abbey at The Old Farm Shop on Ladywood Lodge Farm. Nice peaceful location with a windmill in the background. Who could ask for anything more!


The Brewery has won several awards:

California Steam    BRONZE    Rail Ale Festival, Barrow Hill        2016

Lamb & Flag            SILVER      Moravian Church Beer Festival    2017

Irish Red                  SILVER        Rail Ale Festival, Barrow Hill        2019

The Brewery has expanded and is now producing its own single malt spirits which include gin, moonshine and SSVASKY. What is SSVASKY? Basically we put the barrel in the whisky instead of putting the whisky in the barrel. We can't call it whisky, but you decide!



The Draycott Tap House was opened 1st March 2017. Its unique location in the heart of the village of Draycott in an old Victorian shop is perfect for the real ale drinker. Now in its 5th year of operation The Draycott Tap House serves up to 6 real ales, 10 ciders, 75 whiskies, 10 gins and a vast variety of wine. Oh, and there is the smoked cheese as well. Where else can you find that sort of selection with a great vibe? Only at The Draycott Tap House.